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Jan Kaneen’s The Naming of Bones

Gaynor Jones’ Among These Animals

Erik Fuhrer’s in which i take myself hostage

Amanda Huggins’ All Our Squandered Beauty

Brandon Wint’s Divine Animal

Lannie Stabile’s Strange Furniture

Roppotucha Greenberg’s Zglevians On The Move

Alexus Erin’s Two Birds, All Moon

Chloe N. Clark’s Collective Gravities

Jane Marshall Fleming’s Violence|Joy|Chaos

Lynne Schmidt’s On Becoming A Role Model

Amanda Huggins’ Scratched Enamel Heart

Erin Hortle’s The Octopus And I

Marjorie Moorhead’s Survival Part 2: Trees, Birds, Ocean, Bees

Chloe Turner’s Witches Sail In Eggshells

Rita Cerisi’s Female Education

Erik Fuhrer’s Not Human Enough for the Census

Adedayo Agarau’s The Arrival of Rain

Roppotucha Greenberg’s Creatures Set Forth

Elisabeth Horan’s Alcoholic Betty

Amanda Huggins’ The Collective Nouns for Birds

Adam Lock’s Dinosaur

Beth Gordon’s Particularly Dangerous Situation

Heather McQuillan’s Where Oceans Meet and Other Stories

Gabrielle Journey Jones’ Spoken Medicine

Rosey Lee’s Beautiful, Complicated Family Vols I and II

Narmadhaa Sivaraja’s Steps and Stones

Sandra Arnold’s Soul Etchings

Alvin Pang’s uninterrupted time

Iona Winter’s then the wind came

Damhnait Monaghan’s The Neverlands

Barbara Byar’s Some Days Are Better Than Ours

K.M. Elkes’ All That Is Between Us  

Courtney LeBlanc’s Beautiful & Full of Monsters

Melinda Smith & Caren Florance’s Listen, bitch

Kristin Garth’s Candy Cigarette Womanchild Noir

Hillary Leftwich’s Ghosts Are Just Strangers Who Know How To Knock

Margaret King’s Isthmus

V.C. McCabe’s Give the Bard a Tetanus Shot

Sef Churchill’s Dread: microfictions on anxiety

Mela Blust’s Skeleton Parade

Jeremy Mifsud’s From the Backseat of a Bus

Kathy Parker’s The Unravelled Heart

Wanda Deglane’s Lady Saturn

Peter Jordan’s Calls to Distant Places

Effy Winter’s Flowers of the Flesh

Gaynor Jones’ Business As Usual

Christine Taylor’s The Queen City

Kate Garrett’s The saint of milk and flames

Elisabeth Horan’s Odd List Odd House Odd Me: Poems for Emily

Melanie Cheng’s Australia Day

Julie Anderson’s Secrets and Lies 

Gareth Ward’s The Traitor And The Thief

Claire Varley’s The Book Of Ordinary People

Eleanor Limprecht’s The Passengers

Emily O’Grady’s The Yellow House

Jamie Marina Lau’s Pink Mountain On Locust Island

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