Wordly Musings

I am a passionate believer in the written word in all its forms, but short fiction and poetry hold a special place in my heart. As managing editor of Animal Heart Press I know the value of championing work I believe in, and getting the word out about exceptional books.

In order to offer another avenue of support to those authors whose work I’ve enjoyed, and particularly those from small presses or independent publishers, I decided to begin posting reviews here on my blog, with a focus on poetry collections (including chapbooks) and collections of flash fiction and short stories.

How it works:

I’ll review books I’ve bought, read and loved; as well as books I’ve requested from publishers or authors and books I’ve been asked to review. I will always add a statement to the reviews explaining the source of the book. I won’t post a negative review of anything – just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean it won’t appeal to someone else. If the story or theme isn’t my jam but the quality of the writing is exceptional, that’s what I’ll focus on. If I’m asked to review something and I can’t find enough positives to discuss, I won’t review it – if it was provided to me by a publisher or author, I’ll return it with a simple explanation.

I will happily participate in blog tours if given adequate notice, subject to the criteria above.

If you’d like me to review your book, please reach out using this contact form. I’d love to hear from you – especially if you’re a small press!

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