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Amanda’s debut flash fiction collection, Animal Behaviour, is available now for purchase from Chaffinch Press.

What people are saying about Animal Behaviour:

“Bold in voice, rich in metaphor, daring in approach, Animal Behaviour is a startling debut. In these very short tales, Amanda McLeod demonstrates an uncanny understanding of life and the living. By turns strange, beautiful, aching, and transcendent, these stories and the humans who inhabit them will leave their mark on your mind and heart long past the final page. Highly recommended.”
Kathy Fish, author of Wild Life: Collected Works from 2003-2018

“The playful prose in flash collection Animal Behaviour will make you smile, nod along with recognition, then unexpectedly punch you in the gut with superb final phrases (see ‘A Captive Octopus Will Eat Its Own Arms If Bored or Stressed’). McLeod’s use of animal facts as titles is a clever mechanism to allow the reader to see human experience in a new light. Take each flash at a time, don’t gulp them in one go. Each reading of this collection shows a new layer of interpretation… You will recognise your family, your colleagues, yourself.”
– Stephanie Hutton, author of Three Sisters Of Stone

“I love the concept of Animal Behaviour, the way each story shines a light on an aspect of human behaviour which mimics, reflects or echoes that same behaviour in the animal kingdom. McLeod’s language is seductive and lyrical, she writes beautifully and with empathy, and every story in this collection is a gem.”
– Amanda Huggins, author of Collective Nouns for Birds and Scratched Enamel Heart

“This inventive debut collection focuses on the complexities of human interaction through the lens of animal behaviour and quirky natural phenomena. The best of these tales blend transformative, fantastical happenings with a wry but soulful tone, reminiscent of writers such as Aimee Bender. There is plenty of structural and thematic boldness in Animal Behaviour, but at the same time, Amanda McLeod always maintains a clear empathy with her characters and their struggles. A really diverting read.”
– K.M. Elkes, author of All That Is Between Us

Available now!
Official release date July 3rd, 2020

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