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On Kosciuszko III, Green House Literary, July 2022

La NiñaWild Roof Journal, July 2022

The Phenomenology of TreesAustralian Poetry Collaboration #34, June 2022

MycelialKindred Trees, May 2022

Apple BoxWild Roof Journal, January 2022

Life SupportTwin Pies Literary, August 2021

Hydro-OrchestralDreich, July 2021

My Nail Polish is Called ‘Summer Storm’, Dreich, July 2021

Artefacts of Ornithology, Dreich, July 2021

At StakeVersification Zine, June 2021

3 RsSour Collective, June 2021

A Strange Tree in a Foreign Land SpeaksSour Collective, June 2021

Forest SchoolSour Collective, June 2021

Breaking News from the Lucky CountrySour Collective, June 2021

smooth over, Failed Haiku, May 2021

butterfly lungsPoetic City CBR, March 2021

Old GrowthMookychick, January 2021

EvolutionNeologism Poetry, October 2020

Beneath the Glass DomeThe Canberra Tales, September 2020

Why I BotherDoghouse Press, September 2020

Endling. (N.) The last surviving individual of a speciesThe Blue Nib, July 2020

I want to write about change but the words won’t comeThe Blue Nib, July 2020

MeasurementEmerge Literary Journal, July 2020

BreathThorn Literary Magazine, June 2020

On How the Present Might Look When It Becomes the Past, Pendemic, May 2020

Anonymous (collaboration with Elisabeth Horan), Setu Magazine, May 2020

Crack (collaboration with Elisabeth Horan), Setu Magazine, May 2020

When mammals face death (collaboration with Elisabeth Horan), Setu Magazine, May 2020

Distance BlursNot Very Quiet, March 2020

Through The CracksChantarelle’s Notebook, March 2020

Piano Bar, Just After 2amChantarelle’s Notebook, March 2020

Lament for the ThylacineThe Tiger Moth Review, January 2020

WeightlessThe Tiger Moth Review, January 2020

In Pursuit of JoyPixel Heart Magazine, December 2019

Monochrome OpticsAnthropocene, November 2019

We Don’t Any MoreAnthropocene, November 2019

For Leonard; You Freed MeAvalanches in Poetry: Writing and Art Inspired by Leonard Cohen, October 2019

My Ode to a Woman I Love (collaborative with Elisabeth Horan), Anti-Heroin Chic, October 2019

On the Idea That It’ll All Work Out (collaborative with Elisabeth Horan), Anti-Heroin Chic, October 2019

Monet knew what it was all aboutNot Very Quiet, September 2019

Plenty of Shadows Around Our Light (collaborative with Elisabeth Horan), Mojave He[art] Review, August 2019

Breathing Underwater (collaborative with Elisabeth Horan), Burning House Press, August 2019

Broken, Fevers of the Mind, August 2019

Ophelia, drownedFevers of the Mind, August 2019

SnowglobeMoonchild Magazine, July 2019

You are my sun, except when I am stormFevers of the Mind, June 2019

AnchorFevers of the Mind, June 2019

Day of Perfect StormFevers of the Mind, June 2019

Inclemental AngerFevers of the Mind, June 2019

Spare Parts for the Human SpiritGhost City Review, May 2019

Cellophane GhostsElephants Never, May 2019

LandslideTerse Journal, April 2019

The Artist Studies the Effect of Sadness on Her Own FaceElephants Never, April 2019

Children’s SongsBonnie’s Crew, April 2019

Puncture WoundsElephants Never, April 2019

ListenAnimal Heart Press, March 2019

innerspaceMookychick Magazine, February 2019

lovestormPussy Magic: Shadow and Glow, February 2019

Lay Out Your Map in Moonlight, Pussy Magic: Shadow and Glow, February 2019

The Moments BetweenAnti-Heroin Chic Magazine, December 2018


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